Where To Buy Quality Backlinks (2017)

Everyone is always wondering where to buy backlinks for SEO.

Believe it or not, it’s actually quite difficult to find quality backlinks these days for an affordable price. Most good quality backlink services are overpriced or don’t have space for any new customers, and the ones that aren’t overpriced have shitty quality backlinks.

I made this post listing some of the best quality backlink services out there today and why. None of them are in particular order, all of them are all-around great services. Check ’em out:

Where To Buy Backlinks In 2017

Diggity Links

Diggity Links is probably one the best Premium PBN Link providers on the net. Matt Diggity is a 7-figure SEO and entrepreneur who owns a network of over 5,000 PBNs and he is quickly becoming a household name in the SEO industry. Diggity Links offers monthly backlink rentals starting as little as $5 per link.

It can be hard to get in on this network though. Diggity Links is in high demand because of it’s high quality service and has a huge waiting list.

Freedom Links

Freedom Links offers high quality monthly rental backlinks just like Diggity Links, but starting from as little as $3-4 per link. These backlinks are supported by both Charles Floate and James Gregory, two youngsters killing the game in the SEO industry.


Muscle LinksMuscle Links Logo 10

Muscle Links is actually our own backlink service. We offer quality backlinks from our premium websites which have backlinks from big authority brands such as Forbes, ESPN, Business Insider, etc. Basically a lot of authority and link juice will flow from these big brands onto our site and then will flow onto your site.

We offer a one-time fee for permanent homepage backlinks, no monthly fees, and strive to be the best backlink provider out there so check us out!

Domains Highway

I’ve never used this service however it has very good reviews by big SEOs such as Charles Floate. They have monthly link rentals along with permanent blog post backlinks starting at $40 for 5 blog posts.

If anyone knows of any other great backlink services out there, feel free to leave a comment below!